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This service aims to assess your company’s tax compliance and calculate the potential taxation of all corporate activities. Compliance review is usually required in the event that the company intends to sell its shares in the stock exchange, merged with another company, the dissolution and other purposes.

To minimize the tax burden, we assist you in planning to increase tax efficiency. Here we find the best alternative form of tax savings. The policies and alternative selection decision of course should be in line with your business plan.

Annual tax returns submitted over payment absolute examined by tax authorities, and tax returns that claimed loss no more pay came in a routine audit criteria. Besides these two things, many things have the potential to do inspection of tax. If the company or even you as an Individual Tax Payer because of certain reasons checked by tax authorities, we provide assistance in the form of mentoring or represent you or your company during the review process takes place. This is to prevent the issuance of tax assessment letter larger than necessary because of failure to show proper accounting process and supporting documents completed.

You may appeal the tax assessment letter, and pleased for reduction of administrative penalty tax collection letter. You also can file an appeal or a claim to the Tax Court and / or the Supreme Court if your objection or request was not granted at the Regional Office. We are here to assist you in resolving this dispute. We act as a companion or your representative. The purpose of this ministry to ensure a strong enough tax disputes to be resolved.

To improve staff knowledge of taxation for your company, we provide tax training with topics tailored to fit the needs of achieving the expected objectives.

Transfer Pricing Documentation (TPDoc.) is a condition of submission of Transfer Price Agreement (APA), the agreement between the Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) to the taxpayer and / or other state authorities to agree on pricing criteria reasonably in advance of the parties who have a special relationship. We assist you in preparing TPDoc. , and also request the submission of APA.

We assist you in meeting tax obligations and annual period which covers all types of taxes. The output of these services is the calculation and reporting to the tax office, in the form of individual income tax return period of Article 21/26, Article 22, Article 23/26, Article 25, Article 4 (2), VAT, and Corporate Income Tax and also Personal Income Tax.

Helping your company in dealing with tax administration to effectively and efficiently. These services include, among other things, registration and revocation of Tax Payer Identification Number, request for confirmation and registration number of the Taxable, request to carry out their accounts in foreign languages and foreign currency, the application of VAT centralized administration, application tax clearance, the petition inaugural Non Effective Tax Payer, and others.